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Read Between the Nonsense: 8 Contractor Stats & Facts, Minus the Whitepaper Waffle

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Here’s the crack: this is a list of interesting data and stats about contracting, no fluff, no fuss.

Normally they’re buried in 30 page-long whitepapers or dull blog posts and really data speaks for itself, so we’ve read between the waffle to pull together these interesting fact nuggets for you about the contracting industry.

What was it that the irritating meerkat on telly said?


1 - London Calling

Just over ⅕ of all Contracting work in Britain takes place in the capital city. 

This might be a hard pill for staunch Northerners to swallow, but accepting a few days in the boiling heat ‘down south’ has its perks: on average, you can charge over £300 an hour for certain contracting skills in the Big Smoke.


2- The Future is Green

Although construction and IT contracting still dominate the market, renewable energy is now the 3rd most common area of employment for contractors. 

As we look to combat the climate crisis, there are opportunities popping up all over the place for workers to take advantage of. Just remind Darren to lay off the beans whilst you’re on-site. You wouldn’t want all this hard work to be for nothing.


3 - Money, Money, Money…

According to Ibis World, the value of the construction industry for UK-based contractors is now a staggering £154 billion

What’s more, the industry has enjoyed solid growth for the past five years, totalling a 4.8% increase over the time period. 

It’s worth noting that with the increased demands for housing and the need for catch-up construction following COVID-19, opportunities in the industry will be on the up for the next few years.

That’s what you call STONKS. 


4 - Sick Notes

According to HSE, there were 81,000 cases of illness for contractors in the construction industry in 2020. 

While we all like to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves, our physical safety and mental welfare are incredibly important. A pandemic certainly doesn’t help, but the better we take care of ourselves, the less we’ll be at risk of illness - and no one likes to miss a day’s wages.


5 - What’s a Zoom call?

IT Jobs Watch revealed recently that the demand for IT contractors has increased by 16.83% compared to March 2020. 

This increase in demand has been driven by the fact the majority of the world’s industries have been forced to move online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s also highlighted new ways of working to businesses, so expect the WFH model to continue becoming common practice in some industries and workplaces.


6 - How Much?!

It pays to be prepared when it comes to booking your contractor accommodation. Although some people don’t like to be organised, we promise you it will save you money. 


Don’t believe us? How about if we told you Late Rooms charge a 15% base commission on bookings meaning that costs are always going to be higher? Of course, you could always book with pppn.co.uk instead…


7 - A Happy Worker is a Contracted Worker

According to a recent study by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), a resounding 97% of contractors said they were happier and more satisfied than their permanent colleagues. 

When asked to rank 14 aspects of their working lives, contractors scored higher on a staggering 12 of these categories. More interestingly, it wasn’t just financial benefits that were cited: flexibility, the ability to be more creative and greater opportunities for further learning and recognition were also key reasons why contractors surged ahead of their permanently employed counterparts.


8 - A Sound Night’s Sleep

By the end of 2021, The Contractor aims to offer 25,000 beds across the United Kingdom. 

The UK economy is built on the backs of hard-working men and women contractors, and they don’t ask for much in return. Just a comfortable bed, safe parking, reliable utilities, and perhaps a couple of cold beers in the fridge. The Contractor understands what contractors want, and are consistently delivering that quality over and over. You need never book shoddy digs again!

We hope you’ve found these figures interesting. If not, sorry pal, but hey at least these numbers show that the only way is up for contractors in the UK in 2021. Winner!


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